Projects Coal



GTS have carried out a range of projects ranging from providing advice on single, one-off issues to undertaking complete geoetechnical investigations. Selected projects, which highlight our experience across different coal basins, have inlcuded:




Bowen Basin


  1. Burton
  2. Coppabella
  3. Foxleigh
  4. Isaac Plains
  5. Jax
  6. Middlemount
  7. Moorvale
  8. Sonoma


Galilee Basin


  1. Alpha
  2. China Stone
  3. Kevin's Corner


Sydney Basin


  1. Anvil Hill
  2. Cullen Valley
  3. Drayton
  4. Invincible
  5. Mt Owen


Other Basins


  1. Clarence-Moreton Basin
  2. Maryborough Basin
  3. Surat Basin
  4. Tarong Basin




  1. KPC (Indonesia)
  2. Pakri Barwadih (India)
  3. Raj West (India)















Projects Metalliferous



All of our metalliferous projects have been located in the tropics. Usually, the geology is young, the terrain is steep, rainfall is high and the weathering is deep - very different from most Australian mines and demanding very different responses from those that are appropriate for the ancient, flat and dry land of Australia. Our projects include:






  1. Mt Norma (Copper)
  2. Mt Carbine (Tungsten)




  1. Serra Pelada (Gold-PGE)




  1. Utkal (Alumina)




  1. Minahasa Raya (Gold)




  1. Otjikoto (Gold)




  1. Hidden Valley (Gold)
  2. Lihir (Gold)
  3. Misima (Gold)
  4. Ok Tedi (Copper-Gold)
  5. Wafi-Golpu (Gold-Copper)




  1. Atlas (Copper)



















Projects UCG



Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is a technology that has existed for about 100 years. It is coming into its own as a means of exploiting coal resources that were previously considered inferior, to produce cleaner electricity or chemical feedstock. In the past we have worked with Carbon Energy, leaders in this field, who have achieved an Australian first in generating electricity from syngas.

Independently, we have also carried out a major review for a large electricity producer, assessing the suitablity of one of its resources for UCG.







  1. Kunioon




  1. Manuguru












Our clients over the years have included:




  1. Anglo American
  2. BHP Billiton
  3. Carbon Energy
  4. CET Resources
  5. CSIRO
  6. Downer Group
  7. GVK/Hancock
  8. John Holland
  9. Leighton
  10. Macmines Austasia
  11. Ok Tedi Mining
  12. Rio Tinto Coal Australia
  13. Thiess
  14. Whitehaven Coal
  15. Xstrata
  16. Yancoal